It's tough being grounded. And we're not talking about the "go straight to your room after dinner" type. That's for kids. We're talking about the need to be up in the air, behind the yoke, in the cockpit.

But don't put those wings down just yet. There's a cure for your aviation blues. Introducing Wingtip.

Wingtip is a cockpit simulator that turns an ordinary iPhone* into a virtual cockpit. It simulates instruments by using nearly every sensor giving you a smooth, responsive experience. Each pitch, roll and turn of your hand; and every change in altitude, speed and heading gets run through a complex set of algorithms to mimic what you might see in a real cockpit.

Analog controls have never been more beautifully rendered displaying altitude, airspeed, heading, attitude and more. And the HUD creates an augmented reality experience you're not likely to forget. It's the perfect outlet for every pilot, engineer and airshow junkie when they're off the tarmac.

So the next time you're bored at your desk, in the passenger seat of a car, or walking along the avenue, whip out your iPhone and transport yourself into a happier place… Flying high.

Wingtip. Never leave the air.

*Requires iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 running iOS 4.

Cockpit Simulator for iPhone
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